Kendō (way of sword) descents from Kenjutsu (swordsmanship) trainings in the late Edo period, and was eventually developed into a Budō (way of war) by the early Meiji era to preserve Kenjutsu.

Kendo consists of two fighting styles, Ittō-ryū (single wield) and Nitō-ryū (dual wield), and most commonly adapts a Sanbon-shōbu (three-point match) system with a time limit of 5minutes per match.

Contestants will get a full point if he/she strikes the correct targets with the expression of a will to fight and an awareness of follow up attacks. The targets are:
Men (head protector), (Torso protector) and Kote (wrist protector)

Contestants will lose a half point if he/she violates the rules, such as stepping outside of the 4m×4m contest area.

The Kendo Club, HKUSTSU

The Club was founded in 1994, and has always been working on the promotion of Kendo within campus under the training of Mr. Yan Tsz Kin Ken, a 3-dan Sensei (teacher)and an alumni of HKUST.

Under such guidelines, there is a certain number of Bōgu (armour) and Shinai (bamboo sword) available for borrowing.

Members of the Club would also be able to join practices in the Vajra Kendo Club, a Dōjō (training school) led by a 7-dan Sensei.

Dedicated Training

Kendo is a sport that requires dedication and patience. 

Progress do not always come quickly and significantly, and Kenshi (swordsman) have to endure the long time needed in order to master the skills - Kendo is a life-long practice.

Also, the fact that different people will have different progress would also serve as a mental training towards the practitioners.

Those who excel in Kendo through the toughness are usually determined persons.

Friendly and Heartening Culture

The Club does not consist of mere practice, it is also a warm group of people pursuing the same target while also having various hobbies. 

In here, people care. You can always find someone with similar hobbies but different backgrounds to make friends with. Your will never feel lonely on the path to excellence in Kendo.

The Executive Committee, Session 2017-2018

The name of the committee is KyōChō/鏡澄/きょうちょう, the following is the committee member list:

Chairperson - Pau Chun Wai 包俊偉 (Wilson)

Internal Vice Chairperson - Luk Yi Chiu 陸怡超 (Brian)

External Vice Chairperson - Lai Chak Ming 黎澤明 (Alex)

Internal Secretary - Lam Yuen Kwan 林苑君 (Lastine)

Internal Secretary - Ho Tsz Wing 何梓泳 (Crystal)

External Secretary - Tsang Wai Cheung 曾緯鬯 (Alex)

Financial Secretary - Cheng Kwan 鄭坤 (Kwan)

Promotion Secretary - Lam Man Yu 林文宇 (Anthony)

Welfare Secretary - Chan Kei Fan 陳紀帆 (Kelvin)

General Secretary - Wong Chak Long 黃澤朗 (Fergal)